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"No One Who Speaks German Could Be An Evil Man"
- Random The Simpsons Jury Woman

Ah yes, this game. The reason I am starting the article off like that is because; The Division is a game I really wanted to play upon it's release in 2016, but unfortinately was unable to. Around that time, my life was a bit all over the place, so I wasn't able to invest any money into buying this game, which is a shame, because playing it (for the first time in 2022) is kinda fun! I mean, it's only me and my mate walking around a barren wasteland, since player population is near zero on Xbox, but the mechanics feel great and this also gave me the chance to appreciate the graphics on show.

Back then, the graphics were very impressive. However, the E3 trailer showed us better graphics, which unfortinately didn't transale completely to the consoles. On the other hand, being able to walk around (mostly peacefully) this fictional part of Manhattan offered a calmer way to appreciate the environment. The lighting is one of the most attractive parts of taking pictures in this game, since the dynamic time of day enhances the variety of pictures to take.