Burano Island

FInally, I get to talk about one of my favourite parts of the trip! On one hand, the city of Venice is already a beautiful place worth exploring to it's fullest, but it ain't Burano. This island is worth the 1 hour boat trip to for its looks alone. Burano is famously known for it's colourful buildings and 'old fashioned' feeling which is impossible to ignore along your walk besides the main canal. It's actually pretty amazing being given the chance to walk amongst such a pretty looking island when the threat of flooding is so apparent. It's not the same as the city.

I spent a decent few hours exploring this small island, had my first (proper) Italian pizza here and thoroughly enjoyed every second I spent just strolling about at my own pace. There's plenty of cool shops to visit; each selling their own unique products. I bought my Mum a bunch of gifts from here for her birthday, for when I traveled back home. One shop was selling custom jewellery and bracelets. Obviously I had to buy a few bracelets from here. The very kind shop owner was very eager for me to buy as many things as I wanted, to which I did, and she even wrapped up my items in a cool, little bag with stylised Venice themed patterns around it. Every shop I bought from had their own quirks and took greta care in their presentation. Very different to what I'm used to in Britain.

Getting to the Island was pretty easy. I just bought a day ticket (from the self automated ticket machine at one of the stops) and hopped onto an available boat going the route I needed. Burano was one of the furthest stops the vaporetto travelled to. Along the way, there's a lot of interesting landmarks to spot. After passing through Murano, San Giacomo In Paludo and Madonna Del Monte can be seen; each looking as ominus as they can be randomly placed at sea. The journey to Burano is definitely fun and adds to the adventure. I even spotted these random people on the way. They were miles away from land!

As you can see from the images above, Burano is truly a beautiful place to visit and should definitely be part of your journey while in Venice. I only had an interest in visiting the island because of a random TikTok video I watched beforehand. To be honest, at least 20% of my adventures are based on random TikTok videos.

It's also cheaper to buy gifts from here, plus the gifts available are often more personally crafted items which adds to the authenticity of buying a true Italian gift for someone back at home. I'd love to live here and own a shop to sell my own creative goods.

Murano Island

Murano is advertised as a great place to visit, but in my opinion, I found it quite boring. The buildings are less interesting, the independant shops all mainly sell custom glass models and the restaurants available were always full. I didn't enjoy my time here. As a result, I spent less time here and decided to spend my time revisiting Burano. I mean, I wanted to visit more nearby islands, but Burano had a few pizza places I had interest in.

Despite my dissapointment in Murano, I still think it looks impressive from different angles, but at this point I'd seen most of Venice and Murano just looked the least interesting out of everything I'd seen. The repetitiveness of the glass shops put me off buying anything from here. There's just too many. Don't get me wrong, it's super creative stuff and I found every single glass model to be really cool, but there was no way I could have crammed one into my bag (if I bought one) without it exploding into pieces on the way back home. I didn't want to visit shops knowing I wouldn't be able to buy anything, knowing how impulsive I can be when I see stuff I like. Like, the glass Minions definitely peaked my interest... 

"Should you visit Venice?"

YES! An absolute yes. 

Yes, please do visit Venice. It's gorgeous design, historic landmarks and unique layout makes it a memorable place to visit and is also incredible for solo travelers who are still quite new to the whole "going solo" thing. I had a blast. I didn't even spend all too much really. I think I spent just under £500 total for 4 nights, which is near what I spent within New York (excluding hotel and flights).

Definitely bring a camera. There's so many things to capture. I took over 1500 pictures here and I'm only showing 10% on this site. Every corner has somehting to capture. I wouldn't say this place is all too romantic looking though. Rialto Bridge has to be the most romantic area, but I think the whole romantic gimmick of Venice is overblown. Some areas had a smell to thema nd it's too busy in most areas to enjoy a cheeky snog. Although, I did see a lot of that.

Lastly, the people of Venice are lovely. Well, 40% are rude, but for the 60%, they were amazing and full of joy. I'm definitely coming back, Venice!