Doge's Palace

Let's try again.

Now that you have successfully 'zoomed and enhanced' into the article, I can now confidently show you the amazing palace. I mean, I probably shouldn't show you, because it's somewhere you have to discover yourself really. The magnifficent amount of the best artwork (I've evr seen) on display is inccredible. I really do believe I will never find a place as impressive as this ever again. At first, I had no interest visiting the palace. It's strange how the rain can convince you to explore more interior based attractions. I can safely say, this was worth the price.

What you see behind me is the world famous Il Paradiso painting, hanging at an impressive 22 x 7 metres and full of rich colour, awesomeness and awesomenessness. I'm starting this off with spoilers, because this is nearer the end of the main palace area, but this piece of artwork alone is worth the admission. Quite simply, I think it's the greatest painting in the world. It's huge, full of sheer detail and iconic. In addition, the giant room it's hanging in is absolutely filled with various other painting. You'll find them on the walls and the ceiling. It's utterly incredible! You simply cannot enter a room without paintings and statues being everywhere!

Fun fact: I got told off for filming in one of the rooms. For some reason, you're not allowed to film inside the palace, but photos are okay. If I was allowed to film more, I'd have done so.

Pretty much every room is fulkl of incredible artwork. Even the room leading to the bathroom has God-like artwork around it. So much detail and care was put into this palace to make it look as beautiful as possible.

Bridge Of Sighs

Admittedly, I was unaware the bridge was in use. From the outside, I thought it was just for show, as if it'd break apart if walked over. Looked tiny and I couldn't tell there were people inside.

You can see in the image (to the left) how difficult it is to see the people crossing inside. The image below shows the view from the inside.

There's nothing to see inside. It links to the prisons and leads to the gift shop. Somehow, the gift shop was more impressive than the prisons and bridge combined. Very little to learn about and is best researched online for more information on the history, legacy and purpose of the palace's iconic bridge.


One of the last districts I visited. The image (to the right) was taken when the weather was just right. Realistically speaking, I spent most of my walk around Castello in the rain. If anything, it was probably for the best I walked around this district in poorer weather, since if I walked around the more attractive districts in the rain, my first impressions wouldn't be as strong. 

Castello is just as good looking overall, but is less tourist friendly. Instead, it offers a more relaxed approach to the representation of Venice. Parks of different sizes, shops catered to locals and houses are to be found around here. Not to mention a big fuck off fort, but ignore that.

Interestingly, the fort takes up a large part of Castello. I guess it's kinda in the name. Houses and shops are located alongside it. Also, that's the open gate above.

Anyway, as I'm writing this I'm listening to Tenacious D and it's really distracting. The Metal is playing right now (to be exact) and it's seriously so fricken epic during their live performance. Can't say I know where their performance is, but Jack Black just did a fricken sweet jump kick against the robot on stage and the audience is bloody loving it. 

Oh wait, they're playing Tribute now and I actually think my 7.1 surround sound headphones are going to implode because of the sheer awesomeness alone. Holy crap, this may just be one of the best songs ever. It's unparalelled. Honestly, if you've never listened to Tenacious D... Ju- Just... Who actually are you? I seriously love them. LIke, the extreme talent on show for a being a parody band is incredible. Oh! Also listen to the soundtrack to their feature film. It's one kick-ass soundtrack and even features Master Exploder which will never fail to make me laugh (if you know the context behind the song). 

Anyway, look that's the tower Spider-Man destroyed (to the right).

Fun fact: I'm also typing this page at 3am in the morning. I only have 3 candles lighting up the room and a moth just flew into the flame, igniting into a puff of black smoke and it was gruesomely awesome. What a time to be alive.

So anyway, on the topic of ignoring the fuck off fort, lets talk about it instead!

To be honest, it was a big surprise at first. I thought it was all decoration (as most things are in venice), but as I went to walk through the iron gate, I was a milisecond away from possibly becoming a criminal of Italy trespassing on official military property! I mean, they left their entrance open and I only noticed my error once I read a (very missable) sign to my side telling me TO NOT ENTER OR I WILL BE SHOT. Well then. Moving on form this "attraction" then! Before we do, there's some pictures to see first. 

I also find it fun to people watch when I'm travelling. Okay, okay... That sounds creepy. I guess I like to make my website look somewhat decent and to include happy people on my website may make some pages look better. That's what I mean by "people watching". My goal here was to find happy people on the gondolas, but that proved to be a huge challenge! 95% of the people I captured were on their phones or just looked bored out of their minds. Except for one guy. That one solo guy absolutely was having the time of his life.

Casually spying on the tourists inside St. Mark's Tower, where I was.

Libreria Acqua Alta

Personally, this unique book shop was one of my favourite places to visit in Castello. For any visitor of Venice, it has to be your solemn duty to visit here. It's hardly advertised and is difficult to find, but is definitely worth it for how quirky it is. I'll never come across a book shop as special as this one.

There are books (of almost every category) casually scattered in every crevice and packed onto every surface possible. Small books, big books, ancient Italian comics. You'll find almost anything here. They use boats as tables and shelves! It's incredible, because everything is super cheap and I would have bought a good few books if I could have. Sadly, this was my last day and my (only) bag was full already. Yeah, I only travel with a backpack. It's cheap. I'm cheap. Makes sense, right?

Possibly the best part of the shop is what's hidden around the back. The rear courtyard (at first) looks like a dumping ground for destroyed books, but upon second glance, it's instead a dumping ground for destroyed books.... BUILT TO BE A SET OF STAIRS. Oooooooohhhhhh, wowee! Okay, it's honestly awesome. The stairs lead to a good view of the canal and street opposite. The guy behind me first thought it was a rubbish courtyard until he saw me climb the books. Yes, it was a bit scary. It didn't feel completely safe.