St. Mark's Square

Okay, okay... I cannot properly explain how excited I was to first come across the famous square. Firstly, it was completely by accident. Secondly, IMMEDIATELY recognised where everything was (judging by my internal compass). Like, it looked just like the game. It was pretty surreal! I was constantly thinking to myself, "that's where those 2 guards stand" or "this is where I got that achievement" and I loved every single minute I was in St. Mark's Square. So much so, I made sure to visit every day.


Seriously though, no photo I've shot does Venice justice. It has to be seen with your own eyes. The sheer amount of detail in Doge's Palace and St. Mark's Basilica is unparalleled. I have yet to come across ANYTHING that beats these 2 buildings in archetictual wonder. Like, seriously, the outside of the Basilica alone is crammed full of immense detail that can be admired from any distance. At first, you think it's just a cool palace in a hot spot. Then you move closer. Some extra details emerge. Then closer. And closer. Suddenly, you are in the presence of God (or something) because the amazingly detailed exterior is in full view now and you are able to admire the intense, GOD LIKE aura the building gives off. Honestly, the artwork, the statues, the small details are exquisite. I haven't even mentioned what's inside yet!

St. Mark's Campanile

Possibly the most iconic building (for me) in Venice, this tower can be seen from multiple angles around the city (kindly letting you know your distance from the main square). I seriously loved going up this tower multiple times. As expected, the view from the top is simply incredible and will likely be one of my favourite views for the rest of my life. I seriously developed goosebumps up there. Not just because of the drop in temperature, but this was when I felt like an assassin and I had flashbacks to climbing the tower in the game. 

The tower was fairly priced to enter at just €8, but may be boring to some, since there's little history to learn once inside. You pay for access to the left which only takes you to the very top floor and you get the view of the city. There's some boards to read, which gives some information on the tower, but I obviously ignored these to gander at the view of a lifetime.


Jus- Just... Just look at these fricken photos below for a basic idea of the fricken view. 

I know I keep saying this, but honestly, you need to see the views for yourself. Photos do not do it justice. When I was up there, I fully understood how 'maze like' the city really was. Even in the photos you can see how most buildings just face any direction they want. In my opinion, visiting during a clear evening is the best time to see the city from atop the tower. For some reason, the sun's haze is more golden in Venice, and the shadows it casts are magnificent. I have to admit though, I liked to pretend the seagulls were eagles hovering around Synchronise Points. I'm sad I know, I'll bloody shut up about Assassin's Creed now.

Just in case you wanted to see the statue on top.





(and also made me question my mortal sense of self being knowing I was in the presence of literal, artistic GODS, reminding me with every step I was but a tiny ant in comparison to whoever lived in this particular palace of wealth, top shelf creative minds and AWESOMENESS)...



Okay, you're likely questioning my sanity writing this article, but hear me out. Personally, I don't want to show you inside Doge's Palace. Why? Well, this place is too good for you. I witnessed it and I barely made it out alive with my eyes intact. 

Okay, okay. I'll help you out. Follow the intruction below:

*Opens page 4