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Geometry and assets by me

Textures from Team Fortress 2 game files

Top class student for Game Design at West Cheshire College

One of my most favourite games of all time - "Playing 12 years straight"

Ah yes, what a game. This is indeed a chaotic game. I love it so much and have many memories playing this. In every (creative) game I play, i try to recreate 2Fort and mostly succeed. I've recreated it in LEGO Worlds, Minecraft, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Far Cry 2, and No Man's Sky. It's so much fun to recreate.

So far, I've only recreated the Red spawn room. Assets aren't fully included, but the boxes are there to show where the assets would be. Of the assets missing, they are; the healing cabinets, wardrobe shelves, scales and random details.

The automatic doors do actually open upon approach, then close as you walk away. This counts for horizontal doors at spawn, and the large exit door.

Trying to get the correct lightig was tough. I wanted a mainly pink, or apricot look to the spawn room. I thought it'd contrast well with the blue sky seen outside the windows, as it highlights them, reminding the player they need to leave this area to see a brighter, more colourful world.