Image by Connor Mollison



All Photos Taken By Me

Please do not steal any!


4 days in a country where the general population hate British people is quite fun! Nah, I didn't encounter any hate. Others do, but I got away with it because of my handsome charm. I'm just too awesome. 

Not long was spent at any of these destinations, but there's still a lot to tell, as 4 days felt more like a week with the amount of stuff I fit into the mini adventure around the kilt fanatic country. The only reason I visited was to find the "Great Pyramid of Scotland", otherwise known as Prince Albert's Cairn (near Balmora Castle), to which I only knew about because of a random video on TikTok! My feed is mainly about locations to visit, and after learning about a huge pyramid hiding in the mountains, I just had to plan a journey to the land of Scots. I decided to fill in the journey with other locations on the way and had a blast!