Spider-Man's New York City Compared To Real Life | PART 1

Ah yes, I remember when I first saw gameplay for Spider-Man on the Playstation 4. The trailers looked incredible, and my envy towards every Youtuber who played it grew by the day. Thankfully, this filthy wall-crawler is now available on PC, and I've spent a good amount of time exploring New York City for what it is during 2022 (between my travels).

I must say, I simply love this game. Most of the time, I've been walking aorund the city, instead of web-swinging everywhere. It's a well crafted world, and I've walked around the majority of the city now trying to compare it to the real-world New York City. For the most part, the game is really faithful! I haven't been able to compare every location I have visited, but I think I've got a few good examples to show off in this post. Enjoy!

The in game photos will always be on top, real life on bottom.


Federal Hall

Probably not the most eye catching of locations to start with, but I'm a fan of statues. Everywhere I go I try to take pictures of most of the statues I come across. Obviously, I had to take a picture of George Washington's iconic, and important statue erected to remember him taking the oath as the first president of the United States.

Spider-Man's statue is in a different pose, but is still made to resemble the man's looks. In a way, I kinda prefer SPider-Man's, since he has an added cane. Is that a cane? A sword? Either way, it adds to the statue in a positive way, along with the book he is holding.

When I was there, there was a lot of scaffolding around the building, so I was unfortunately unable to capture the building how I wanted. I think the game would have benefited from hanging banners being placed. The lack of decoration creates a less distinctive building, when the real building is known for having exhibitions and such within.


The Battery's Waterfront

Probably one of the best places to go to for a bit of peace and quiet, besides parts of Central Park. It's also awesome if you want to see the Statue Of Liberty from a distance. It's quite an epic view, if I may say so.

Both versions looks very similar, but you can see the difference between the background building on both. Obviously, I shouldn't expect New Jersey to be created accurately in game, since it's such a tiny detail not many people should care about. But, I think they did a good job portraying the distance anyway.

Also, this was where I'd test out the placement of the sun during my first few hours of photo experimentation. The sun moves exactly how it should (compared to real life).

Lastly, the ferries have different routes in game, and do not stop at all. That's a shame, since I think that would have added more realism to the destination.


Trinity Church (Taken From Wall Street)

First of all, I love the positioning of this church along Wall Street, considering it stands out as much as a Shelby Cobra on the road. By saying that, I think it looks respectable, pretty cool and retro. I could even say the main crossroads within Wall Street can follow those descriptions, as the whole place has a distinct feeling representative of classic Manhattan.

The game's version adds more of a gap between the buildings on the side, but somewhat keeps a similar look to the church itself. I respect that.

It's a shame there was scaffolding and signage when I visited the real area earlier this year. It blocks the view of the church a bit.


Trinity Church (Taken From Rector Street)

This is perhaps a more apt way of comparing both photos of the church, since there's more familiarities between the two. However, there's still some sneaky stuff to compare.

The in game version doesn't feature the building behind the church, but oddly changed the design of the left side of the church (in the screenshot) by adding another window. To be honest, it's a good addition in my opinion.

Alexander Hamilton's grave is modelled almost identically to the real life counterpart. A great sign of respect from the developers to include this. In all, the whole church is represented so well. This has to by one of my favourite comparisons when it somes to playing Spider-Man. On the other hand, the screenshot doesn't show what's behind the camera, since Rector Street has been transformed into a cramped up walkway, making taking photos difficult from the same angle in the real-life photo. That explains the higher FOV used, making the church look wider.


East Coast Memorial

Here we are; Manhattan's best cared for area for honoring those American's who died within the Atlantic in World War II. Thankfully, the game pays respectable homage to this site. Not many games would do that. Grand Theft Auto IV didn't at least. I ahve to say though, this is one of the reasons why I love this game, since it treats New York with respect. It's Spider-Man's city, the city is a character itself and adding these well known areas creates a better, 'lived in' environment. It's like the city is real and the developers used a lot of care in it's creation.

Anyway, time to compare the images. The most obvious difference is the skyscraper in the background. For some reason, Spider-Man's version is scaled completely differently, and there's less buildings behind it.

Another major difference is the design of the statue. Again, for some reason, the in game version is proportioned differently and eagle's pose shows him stood upright instead. I can't explain why the statue is modelled differently, but I actually prefer this newer version instead. I can't explain why, but it looks more heroic I guess.

Besides that, he pillars are almost identical, although the names aren't always visible and obviously wouldn't be the same.


Washington Square Arch

Yeah, they're more or less identical, besides some scaling differences on some of the details.

I couldn't capture the same weather in game.

Not much else to say! :)


New York Stock Exchange

Oh, this one is just disappointing...

The lower half of the building shows some resemblance in game, but the rest just failed to capture the look of the real building. I can probably understand the legal reason why, but come on, this just looks awful in game. Also, where's the Fearless Girl Statue? Wouldn't that have been amazing to see in game? It could have even been modeled to represent a Marvel superhero like, Ms. Marvel for instance.


Part 2 Coming Soon