Overwatch's Paris Map Photography

Updated: Sep 8

Honestly, it's a crying shame they removed this map from circulation a while back. It's simply the most beautiful map in Overwatch. The colour scheme is spot on, for one. These photos are all edited to feature a richer colour tone, with heavier contrast, as my typical editing trend happens to be currently, but the essence (and desired atmosphere the devs intended to keep) are still present. But anyway, after visiting the real Paris, I was impressed with how accurate some areas of the map can be. It's really cool!

Not so surprisingly, the real Paris doesn't look as elegant as this version does. I can't say I was able to walk along a similar walkways to where I'd be able to replicate any of these screenshots, since I took a different route around the French city, but I imagine it'd be difficult to mimic the angles taken anyway, since the in game map focuses on a design intended to favour fun gameplay over a realistic aesthetic. A lot of the real beauty is seen within the skybox.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is definitely not meant to be visible this close to the Eiffel Tower, but I really admire the idea of it looming in the background, as if it's the Eye Of Sauron watching over us. In reality, it's located much further away and on an island. But if I'm honest, I didn't even know the cathedral was featured in this map until I was able to float the camera about in Spectator mode, since it's hardly a point of focus during normal gameplay.

Admittedly, the colour theme is just... MMM... chef's kiss. The mix of warm pinks and cool blues are perfect. It really helps buildings fit in with the theme better, as the futuristic setting can sometimes remove traditional cultural design from the scene. It's like looking at cotton candy in motion.

If Overwatch 2 was to remake this map, I'd absolutely love to see an expanded/ larger play area which follows in the design of the real Paris. Perhaps there could be more emphasis on crossing the river, or even use the metro to some degree. I dunno, there's a heck of a lot of stuff to adapt into a working and exciting game map. Paris is full of attractions, such as the cryptic catacombs, regal Tuileres Gardens and the winding roads up to Sacré-Cœur.

One other thing to admire is the sheer detail packed into this map. Every building is different, each with their own interior colour schemes to accomodate their purposes, use of vegetation to conote luxury around the mansion, and even the illusion of a living world beyond the map's boundaries. It's amazing, and it's a shame not every Overwatch map takes advantage of the same amount of effort and detail.