Prequel Quest: Australian Adventure 2014

Updated: Sep 17

The furthest I've traveled yet! Some day I'll beat this, by traveling to New Zealand (most likely), but that's many years down the line I think. Australia is a crazy place; full of interesting wildlife, friendly people and POLITICS. Me and my family traveled here in 2014, so image quality is crap, since every picture is from an iPhone 4s (with a shitty penguin case), so don't expect any great photos here. I've tried to upscale and remove as much noise as possible. But besides that, this country is definitely full of amazing attractions and is definitely unique.

Such a great country to visit. I remember seeing this city as a vibrant, lively and welcoming place with plenty to do and a lot to see. Now, give me credit (I was a teen at the time), I wasn't able to take charge of this family holiday, and also was somewhat brain damaged in general, but if I visited nowadays; I'd put in a lot of effort to see as much as possible and actually take hundreds of pictures. However, I distinctly remember taking the piss out of (quite literally) everything about Australia with my sister. So much funny crap happened and it's honestly not worthy enough to be put on my website. You'd see us as psycopaths if I muttered anything related to our fun times. Instead, I can confirm I visited the official Nintendo store, witnessed the most traumatic (yet hilarious) parrot death ever and learned Australia 'accidentally' lost a minister's son to terrorists, or something.


Helicopter Tour

"The best way to see the whole of Sydney"

Seeing Sydney from above was awesome. It's always difficult to imagine the exact size of a city when you're walking within it. It's always going to be massive in thought, but seeing it from above... Yeah, that doen't change much. Sydney is still pretty big and impressive. It doesn't quite have as many iconic landmarks to recognise from above, but nontheless, I am grateful I was able to see the place on a nice day. The photos don't do it justice, but on a sunny day, it's just unique.


Ferry Tour

"Blue waters, sun shining and some badass views"

Aside from an aerial view, a ferry tour was also entertaining and amazing to take on a sunny day. Got to see the famous Opera House from my seat, alongside the blue waters that surround it and plenty of wildlife on display. if only I took more photos!

I definitely need to revisit Australia in the future to update my gallery of the place.


Wildlife of Australia

"Crazy variety and everything wants to kill me"

A lot of what was on view, at the zoos, was incredible. There's so much wildlife native to Australia you'll rarely see elsewhere, and it's amazing to see how proud the zoos are being able to educate tourists, like me, about the crazy species on show.

For instance, the Wombat is capable of killing it's predators, chasing it, by doing a complete stop, during a chase. The predator is expected to speed, at full force, into the backside of the Wombat, crushing the predator's skull upon impact. Absolutely incredible. And people say God had a plan, when every day a skull is crushed because of a Wombat's fat ass. Truly breathtaking stuff. Also, once you see a wasp being born, you'll stop believing in any faith.


Other Cities

"Perth and Melbourne"

Yes, I did visit Perth and Melbourne as well. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of them really. Even though I spent 2 weeks in Australia, I didn't really think to take many pictures. However, I did have these last photos to prove I visited othe rplaces. I just can't remember where they were.

Thanks for reading!