Life Is Strange: True Colors Photography

Updated: Sep 8

Beautiful Lighting, Vivid Colour Palette &

Gorgeous Environment Design



First of all, a cheeky introduction to how I started playing this game.

Game Pass.

Thank you for reading my introduction.

Okay, here's the real introduction:

Originally, I started playing Life Is Strange back in 2015, near to when the original game released on PC. After playing Telltale's The Walking Dead series, I foamed at the mouth for more narrative focussed games to give me a strong taste of what emotions actually are, being a man of acquired taste for awesome crap like; Arkham Knight at the time, to which was better known for bringing a tear to the eye for shitty PC porting, as opposed to literally catching you in "the feels" for Jason Todd's notorious return. It's safe to say, video games were becoming more cinematic and friendly in design thanks to developers, Don't Nod.



& UM...



As you can see from the images, Life Is Strange: True COLOURS is a bloody fantastic looking game. Throughout the playable chapters, the game offers highly detailed exterior and interior environments. Makes sense, since you are meant to revisit some places frequently. The main town area is probably the best looking area True COLOURS has to offer. You are able to visit this hub during the day and night, but I prefer the look during the day time, since the sunlight adds to the lively atmosphere, alongside NPCs adding chatter to the ambience. The engine is killing it with the lighting, I must say, since it looks as beautiful as a modern Pixar film form certain angles.

Half The Time, I Was Admiring The Art Style & Not Paying Attention To The Story


You see, this is why I subscribed to Game Pass in the first place, since I loved the idea of getting a chance to play video games I wouldn't like to pay £60 for. I wouldn't have been able to admire this game if Game Pass didn't exist. Normally, I choose to never spend anything over £20 on video games, since I know (very well) most games can end up as cheap as £5 if you're patient. However, in this case, thrown into the already well priced Game Pass.








Fun Game,

Fantastic Visuals