Side Quest: Huddersfield 2021

Updated: Sep 27

St George's Square

"The start of my trip"

Huddersfield was my first destination (for my West Yorkshire adventure), before I ventured towards Halifax. I've got to be honest though, Huddersfield was never on my list of places to visit, but the only reason I wanted to visit was because of Victoria Tower, further south of the place, which looked pretty interesting on Google Maps.

Upon leaving the train, I was surpised to see how welcoming the station was. Exiting the station leades to St George's Square, which is a small, good looking square to make the start of Huddersfield attractive... and that's more or less my review of the main area of Huddersfield there. G'bye, folks!

Well, the reason I have nothing to say about the main area of Huddersfield is because I didn't really walk around it much. From what I came across, the main attractions were the highstreet and the University. But, there's not a lot of attractive photos I can take of such places. The University is good looking, but I didn't visit to see the University.

The highstreet was honestly nothing of note. I mean, if I lived there, it'd be an essential place to shop (just like sodden Birkenhead is for me), but it was necessary to walk through this area to find the right path towards Victoria Tower, my main goal.


The walk to Victoria Tower

"The most fun part of visiting Huddersfield"

Being a northern British area, I expected a lot of hills... and I was correct! Walking through residential areas was a alot of work. The actual journey was expected to take 50 minutes (from the station), but the inclines were a real chore at times. I don't know how the people of Huddersfield live on such inclines. The option to get a bus was available, but come on, I like to walk everywhere just in case I come across a good shot. On the other hand, there were no good shots to take... I could have got a bus...

However, thanks to these bloody hills, I can safely say there are a lot of cool shots to take of Huddersfield from high up. The image above shows the town from a more pleasant view, taken from Castle Hill. It's a small hike up to Castle Hill, but there's also ways to drive to the otherside of it, which leads to a car park just outside of Victoria Tower. But, why the frick would you want to drive up when it's a small hike to get there? Lazy sods.

The image above shows Emley Moor Tower, which is a giant fuck off tower that can be seen for MILES. Poor me was quite tired, so once I reached Castle Hill, and I looked upon the yonder to see that thing, thinking it was goddamn Sauron in the distance.

Admittedly, I thought this was Stoodley Pike in the distance (which was my ultimate aim to reach on this West Yorkshire adventure), but I was baffled to why it was this close to Huddersfield and that shape/ height. Honestly though, to visit Emley Moor Tower would be incredible. It looks amazingly tall and would (very likely) offer amazing views on a sunny day. I have no idea if it's possible to go up it, I'll have to look into that, but if that is possible, I'll definitely find a way to go up it soon.


Victoria Tower

"The reason to visit Huddersfield"

Ah yes, the tower. Now, I have to be honest here; I genuinely think this is the only thing I like about Huddersfield. Like, actually like. But it wasn't perfect. You see, I was under the impression I was able to go up the tower. I visited in the summer as well, so I don't see why it wouldn't be able to walk up it.

I mean, it's possible to walk up the exterior steps, so I can say I (technically) walked up a bit of the tower, but overall it was a bit of a disappointment. I'd look into why the door was locked, but if I had to guess, it's only open on certain dates, but it wouldn't have mattered much anyway (considering, the next day I'd go up to Stoodley Pike and have my jaw drop anyway).

Castle Hill itself was originally an Iron Age hill fort, with the remains of a castle visible to visitors. It's cool to say I've walked on a truly historical piece of land, but I can guarantee no one else there cared about that cool history, since the tower was overrun by screaming kids and parents who can't control their lil' banshees of burden. One kids called me a pedo (for having my camera out), but failed to ultimately acknowledge the giant fuck off tower behind her I was aiming at. Seriously, I know kids are stupid, but really...

However, the tower itself is a fascinating reminder of how wrinkly Queen Victoria was, having reigned over Briatin for 60+ years. It's truly a magical moment when you learn a tower was erected to celebrate the age of a monarch. It's like; once I'm an old coot, I want a tower built to remember me. Every 5 bricks will resemble a wrinkle on my face. I'm gonna live to be goddamn 230 years old with today's medicine, you ****s. Start building. Although, apparently it only cost £3000 to build this tower, and I want to imagine that's today's money, so I don't even need to be old. I can just build this myself. Doesn't seem that special of a tower anymore. The random patch of grass behind me is 4000 years old and I appreciate it more. Wow, I really dislike Huddersfield don't I?

All things serious though, It's a cool looking tower, which is very recognisable. The design is actually pretty awesome, and reminds me of something the Weasely family would live in if they converted to the satirically mundane muggle life. Not to mention, I found a pretty good hidden bench which provided some much needed peace, a good view of Huddersfield and still a good view of the tower.


Lockwood Viaduct

"A pretty cool looking viaduct... if you keep looking up"

The image above was the 'nicest' way to capture this viaduct, since behind me was a few tents (with homeless people inside) and the other side of the viaduct had the Huddersfield Rugby Union, which took away from the awe of the viaduct itself.

To be honest though, I can't say I've seen many viaducts in person, so I appreciated making time to walk around this one, which made for a good memory. It was bloody high though.

Apparently, in 1938, a fellow Jack Crum would succeed in throwing 2 or 3 cricket balls over the tall viaduct in a row, and would attract about 60 witnesses to see him achieve such a feat. Another fast bowler achieved a less impressive feat a few decades earlier, but he also (apparently) stood on a barrel to do so, which is a bit shit in my opinion. The 60's also introduced another cricket bowler who achieved an amazing 4 throws over the viaduct. However, in 1898, a fricken golfer achieved hitting the ball over. Truly magical stuff, but you have to wonder why a rugby union ground was built right next to it when every other sport would have benefitted making records next to this cheeky viaduct.

To conlude, Huddersfield wasn't too impressive to me. Victoria Tower was the main attraction, but the people of Huddersfield let that down a bit, so I wasn't able to enjoy it that much. Perhaps if it was any other day, with more respectable people around, I'd have appreciated it more.

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