Side Quest: Halifax 2021

Updated: Sep 27


As part of my summer 2021 mini adventure, Halifax was my second stop on the way to Todmorden, where I'd hike up to Stoodley pike. Huddersfield was the first place I'd visit, where I hiked up to Victoria Tower for some cheeky photos and panoramic shots of the area.

I only stayed the night in Halifax, but had an hour (in the morning) to get some decent shots of the local area. My hotel happened to be on Cripplegate. Truly magical. Made me chuckle. 5 minutes away was the Piece Hall, which was the main reason I chose to stay in Halifax.

They FIlmed Marvel's Secret Wars Here A Year Later

I wish I visited when Samuel L. Jackson was spotted at the Piece Hall, since that would have been absolutely incredible. If only I had ayear's worth of foresight.

The independant shops (within Piece Hall) are varied and worth a visit. My favourite shop was "Shop 4 Little Horrors" which advertised these AMAZING plushes, by JellyCat. Basically, these plushes are designed to look like different types of food. I HAD to buy the pretzel. Bit pricey, but worth it. Lil' Pretz sits on my shelf every day. A worthy souvenir!

The shops change around every now and then, but I wish I was there to buy some ale from the shops selling alcohol. I also missed out on Kasabian playing here days after my visit! Damn.