Side Quest: Buxton 2021

Updated: Sep 27

Best visited in the summer

"...If you want to see this place at it's peak!"

After purchasing a railcard, this was the first place I visited (on the cheap). Thankfully, Buxton is a very welcoming place and is great for rookie travellers, like me at the time.

It's like any other place in England; has a local park, is pretty residential, and has the high street (for shops) in close vicinity to the station and bus stops. However, being British, I know it's often difficult to find positivity in most towns, often due to the people that live there. The north can have a lot of run down towns, with 'iffy' people scattered everywhere. For some reason, Buxton was a breath of fresh air and my anxieties were put aside to enjoy the sun and even smile at other people (which is a rarity from me!).

I didn't take any pictures of the high street, mainly because it's full of the chain shops you expect to see anywhere in Britain. Cex, Cash Converter, The Works, among others. There were some nice looking cafés, but I didn't get a chance to walk into any. Plus, it was like 30 degrees, and I was on a mission to find Solomon's Temple!

That required walking south, through a wooded area (for about 15 minutes) and walking up an easy hill. The temple is easily visible once you leave the woods. There was plenty of elderly people, dog walkers and kids walking through here, so it's hard to get lost or feel like you're about to be shanked...


Solomon's Temple

"A pretty neat tower just

plonked on a random hill!"

There's no door on the 2 floor tower, but the circular steps can be a bit dangerous to walk up (to the roof) if you're not careful. A stupid kid demonstrated this to me by texting while walking down the steps. Fun fact, the image above did originally feature her crying (on the left side of the image), but I swiftly cut her out. 'Can't be havin' stupid crying kids on my photos. Look, only happy people in my pictures, please. Look how happy they are. The bald man has probably curb stomped on a few mice in his past, but look, he's a happy family man! Just because he likes Gears of War, doesn't mean he can't stroke his German Shephard.

The tower itself is well looked after. It was very clean inside, on the roof and around it's exterior. However, it is located really close to a camp site, so it can get busy here on a nice day. I had to be so patient just to get a decent bunch of photos (without looking like a dodgy man with his camera around kids). Thankfully, I had some Snack A Jacks to munch on while I waited. Also, thankfully I know how to use the handy tools on Photoshop to delete people.

I'd like to revisit Solomon's Temple, but when it's snowing. This would make for some pretty neat photos.

There is some history on Solomon's Temple. I think it was built in the 19th century, but doesn't have much historical impact on anything. It just looks cool on a hill, and I like that. Because it does.

Also, I might be wrong, or even sound stupid, but I can totally see Buxton as a place Thomas The Tank Engine would roll through. I know Sodor was based on the Isle Of Man, but sod that, look at this place. Besides that, you have to admit, Northern England can be a very pretty place. Except for Lancashire, that can be hit ans miss. We all might agree on that. But anything to the East of that, nearer the Peak District, is just awesome to look at in person. Photos don't do it justice. The view, on top of Solomon's Temple, provides an awesome 360 view, making Buxton look tiny.


Buxton Park

"One of my favourite parks!"

I decided to take a stroll into Buxton Park, and I can safely say; this was a great experience! This is a really nice park! It's so well looked after, looks like a painting at times and is pretty decently sized. It was incredibly busy, in August. Parents would let kids loose, the elderly would be hogging all the row boats and joggers were making the most of the sun while they could.

I've never come across a park so busy before. I don't show it in the pictures, but it was actually pretty hard getting pictures of the park without (again!) looking like a pedo! Honestly, women, I don't think you understand the difficulties a male photographer goes through when trying to take pictures in public. It's hard work trying to not look creepy, when you're just doing innocent stuff. I've had such dirty stares from women (in the past), when I've only wanted to take a pic of a rare bird or something. It's a struggle.

Anyway, the park is well worth a visit. In the summer at least. If I could, at the time, I would have invited friends to play tennis or something there, or even have a go on the row boats. Looked fun!


Back to the station

"This was a fun day in Buxton"

To conclude, Buxton is definitely a lovely place to visit in the summer! I'd love to return in the winter. I'm not sure if I'd have time this year to do that, but some snowy shots of the town and Solomin's Temple would look great.

It's definitely a peaceful place, with a lot of charm to it and pleasant people. I probably gave off a 'get away from me vibe', because I'm from Merseyside, but to anyone who walked past me that day, I love Buxton and will visit again with a real smile on my face... providing we don't have to wear gas masks in the future due to Super Covid or nuclear war. But, y'know.