New York City


All Photos Taken By Me

Please do not steal any!


What can I say? (except you're welcome!) Ugh... Why did I start with that?...

ANYWAY... What can I say about New York City? Well, it's fuckin' amazing. Like, it's honestly a wonder worth visiting. The sheer size of the city is incredible. To explore the entire city would warrant a visit lasting more than the 4 days I stayed, which would have (obviously) been VERY expensive and require me selling at least 6 kidneys, to which I only own a measely third of.

I can do maths, me.

In the next bunch of pages you'll be reading about my fairly positive experince within the "Big Apple". There's not a lot of craziness involved, since the adventure went really smoothly, if I'm honest. It's weird announcing that, since most of my other adventures feature some bizarreness, but surprisingly, New York was a lot of what I expected. Maybe working in Birkenhead for so long has desensitised me to such weirdness from the general public. Strap yourself in for a lot of reading, nonsense rambling and- holy crap I'm watching Austin Powers for the first time and it's pretty incredible. Doctor Evil just saw his son, Seth Green, and it's so weird seeing his young baby face, when I know he features in Rat Race a few years later looking slightly more drugged up and shi-. Oh yeah, enjoy reading my take on New York!