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Home Of The Empire State Building 
- "I didn't film much else"

Admittedly, going up the Empire State Building was one of my top 3 highlights of visiting New York City. There's a reason I didn't record much else around this district, and it's because most of the focus is on this beautiful building. 

Midtown South has a few locations of interest, besides the big building itself. I didn't take any photos around these locations, but for what it's worth, it's not always necessary to photograph every area I visit, since it's also beneficial (to the holiday experience) to just walka round and explore without the distraction of technology. I find if I photograph, and film, the majority of the holiday I miss out on raw memories. Stay with me here, but I love to photograph every place I go to, but it becomes artificial if my experience is lacking raw memories I captured with my own eyes. It's why I don't record any concerts I visit, unlike those piss stained fools fo hold their phone up all the way through. You know they NEVER watch the full video back properly and enjoy it's crackly, shit sounding audio.


Before I waffle about the illustrious Empire State Building, it's important to talk about how ferociously crap Macy's is. What the actual crap is this store? It's awful. Apparently, people love this huge store. How?

Inside, it looks impressive at first. There's formal greeters, the huge scale is apparent and you're free to go in any direction you want. It's like visiting the Institute in Fallout 4.

I'm a guy, it's difficult to find interesting stuff in most shops. Macy's is primarily focussed on selling clothes and make up to women. I only had an interest in visiting the candy (and tech) floors. SHockingly, they were not inspiring. The candy section was colourful, but nothing American can apeal to a Brit when it comes to candy... I mean sweets. Actually, I did find a Bob Ross energy drink, so I spent $2 on that. It was okay, but what sincere quality do you expect from such a beverage?


The tech section was literally full of cheap looking tat priced really high. Remote control cars, drones and... that's pretty much it. The products available didn't look too high quality for what they were priced at. Disappointed. 

That's all I can say about the place really. I mean, I liked the wooden escalators (nearer the top floors), but to see such personality further away from the entrance sours the first impressions. The female members of my group were also ferociously disappointed. That says something, maybe.

This is definitely an iconic building, famous for being in so many films and a point of interest for the whole of the USA. I mean, it's featured in one of the most famous scenes in the whole of cinema, being the skyscraper climb within King Kong (1933). It's insane this used to be the tallest building in the world back then. Even Doctor Who highlighted that fact in the beloved two parter Daleks in Manhattan/ The Human Dalek. On a side note, I also loved climbing this building in Spider-Man 2 on the PS2.

Oh, I should also mention how much this spectacle of a building meant to me in Grand Theft Auto IV. It was always awe inspiring reaching the top of the building and looking out at the panoramic views of the (portrayed) grimey virtual city. Although I wasn't able to visit an area as high as I could reach in GTA, it's definitely more appropriate stating the real life views of the very much not virtual city itself are incredible. SImply incredible. Especially at night. Night time shots are a gem in my collection of photos taken this year. 

I foroughly wish I bought my B600 earlier so I could have teken it to New York. The shots would have been stellar. Absolutely stellar. My phone can take great, high quality shots, but it's nothing compared to what my camera can do at night. you NEED to take a high quality camera to the top floor to fully appreciate the majesty of what's on offer. New York City at night is truly amazing. I truly wish I was able to stay up there for hours, admiring the lit up beauty of a city. The view is seriously on par with my panoramic view of Venice. I legit' can't decide what city looks better from a high point of view.

They do an amazing job of keeping up the "grand" presentation within the building. The entrance feels of high class and the journey up (to the 86th floor) feels like an adventure. As my ears popped (going up the lift), a short film played on all surfaced inside the capsule. It really prepared me for an epic moment worth remembering. The observatory area has a 360 view of the city. The fresh breeze also makes for a calming experience up there. I felt like I was part of something special. There's likely a chance I'll never experience that view again in my life. Who knows if I'll return to the Big Apple? 

Oh yeah, there's also a lot of King Kong related stuff to buy there. There's a lot of references to the ape thing throughout the journey up the tower. They push it hard. I even got a photo next to the beast. Look at those squinty eyes. Lil' cutey.

Empire State Building

Photos do not do the views justice.