Day 4 - "Chill day"

At this point I had nearly seen everyhting I wanted to see. I hadn't explored the east side of the pininsular yet. There's no shortcut there, I had to walk around the famous rock. Seemed like effort at first, but Gibraltar isn't a big place, but it also offered a great chance to see the less busy side of the peninsula. Along the way was a lot of construction, but also the huge cemetary (as seen from some photos taken at the top of the rock).

Domino's ruins it a bit...

Airport runway literally right behind me

Rememberance Day is celebrated more here

The beaches were completely empty
and in fantastic condition!


Beautiful buildings!

Spending the afternoon around the gardens

The Botanical Gardens are simply beautiful and thankfully not too busy. I easily spent the majority of the day chilling in my favourite spot without any interruptions. 

Spending half the day doing nothing is a great way to soak in what it'd be to live in Gibraltar. I'd say it's peaceful. Very peaceful. School kids actually respect the gardens, as they pass through safely. When that's the case, you know it's a decent place. Infinitely better than back in Merseyside.

Chilling with these guys!

Perfect for photos

Still weird to see

Time to go home!

Gibtraltar is a great place to visit alone. It's a very peaceful peninsula with so much to see on your first adventure there.

I would definitely recommend traveling here in September, October or November to avoid paying higher prices and busier times. I visited in November and was still able to enjoy perfect weather and warm temperature. 

I'll definitely return here after a few years to experience anything I missed out on and to see the Macaques again!

Watching my plane land in front of me