Walking through the Main Square to Ocean Village

I didn't take any pictures, but just outside of my hotel was Main Street, which is a (mainly) straight path to the Mian Square, full of familiar shops, mixed with unique cafes and markets. I wish I took pictures, but I was having too much fun walking in and out of different shops! Sadly, I wasn't able to enjoy the cafes I visited too much, due to the lack of food deliveries at the time.


Watch the movie

There was 1 Bottlenose Dolphin!

Absolutely beautifully shots from the water!


Over 200 Common Dolphins!

After the Dolphin Adventure, I spent the next few hours taking a second look around the shops, bought some food and supported a trader (selling awesome bracelets) at Main Square. Thankfully, Gibraltar is a very peaceful place. Crime is very rare, and only really exists via immigrants crossing illegally from Africa through the Strait meaning to enter the Spanish order from Gibraltar. I didn't encounter anything like this, but it's always something to look out for when visiting Gibraltar.

Watching the sunset at the most southern point

Getting the bus was an experience. I must have looked like a clear tourist freak or something. While waiting for the bus, there was a building site opposite the stop and a (spanish) worker left the site to cross the road to help me. Very nice of him, but I didn't think I gave off "tourist vibes", unless the population of Gibraltar is so small, people recognise a stranger easily. 

The bus driver was also VERY strict with me wearing a mask. Came across as odd, since the rest of Gibraltar was relaxed on it (except in Morrissons. Exact change was also needed to ride the bus. Having only notes and a card, I obviously annoyed the driver, but he let me on free as well and eventually (I think) pittied me in a way for being so awful at Gibraltar bus travel. Awful at the time, but funny to laugh about now. But yeah, make sure you have the right change and look up how to use public transport safely there! 

Pretty lighthouse!

Famous Mosque

Sunset behind Spanish mountains

Great timing!

Only 14km from the most northern point of Africa