Day 3 - "A day with wildlife!"

This day was mainly unplanned and improvised, but ended up being a very eventful day full of exploration and meeting some super amazing animals. 

Morning walk around the park near my hotel

Cool looking apartments!

British reminders are everywhere

I kinda snuck into this place...

Alameda Wildlife Park

A lovely, hidden zoo (of sorts) only costing £6 to enter and provided a great 40 minutes of entertainment before I walked to Ocean Village. This place contains a good variety of animals, who all looked a bit bored, but were very excited to see me around, since I was the only person there. What I didn't expect was... A walk in Lemur enclosure!

These Macaques have tails

If I had the option, I'd love to work here. It seemed slow, when I was there, but the staff were all super friendly and the animals were super chill. I'd definitely be the one to keep them company and enjoy feeding them. It's rather sad seeing them looking bored, but it's also great to see apecies of animals I've never been up close with before. 

The Marmoset species on show there were probably my (second) favourite to see, being such tiny creatures, making adorable squeeky noises to greet me. 


(Lemurs can catch COVID-19)

They were such posers!

She followed me everywhere

Poor things wanted  me to let them free...