The top leads to plenty of amazing views from every angle. To the west you can see Sierra Del Cabrito looming over Spain, to the north there's the border (where you can see the difference in Spanish street layout), then the east shows the gorgeous Mediteranean Sea as the sun bounces off the surface, and finally, the south presents the amazing scope of the Atlas Mountains (passing through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. 


He's in my bag!

Yes, these are wild Barbary Macaques

(Apes, technically...)

No one else got attacked, of course


Such a poser

Amazing restaurant!

Spain, Africa & UK in one shot

There's a lot of history around the Rock of Gibraltar to learn about as you walk around the rock's attractions. I didn't have enough time to absorb everything, but there's some awesome tunnels to explore (which are massive!), batteries to enter and historic ruins to add to the war themed history of the location. 

It's crazy to think this place was very strategic during both world wars and is still very important for the UK today. Unfortinately, while I visited, the Corona Virus was always looming over while I was trying to enjoy the place for what it was. Food deliveries were worryingly low, so supermarkets (like Morissons) had many empty shelves and any cafe I visited had limited menus. Residents were forced to cross the border to fetch groceries from Spain instead. From what I believe, Borris Johnson really screwed up when it came to Gibraltar and it's people.

Enjoying a coconut smoothie, then this cheeky monkey sneaked his way in to steal a woman's bag!


Exploring the Castle and tunnels

Amazing views on the way down

Quick walk through Botanical Gardens