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 Day 1 - "More like the first night"

After a 2 and a half hour flight (from Manchester Airport) the plane landed on the fairly unique runway of Gibraltar's only airport. I'd say it was the most exciting landing I've had on a holiday, since the runway is famously located super close to the Spanish border and has bodies of water on each end. One miscalculation and the plane would've ended up in the water!

In order to officially enter the mainland area of Gibraltar, away from the airport, it is mandatory to walk across the airport runway. This is a definite highlight of visiting Gibraltar, as I can imagine not many countries allow you to do that!

After the runway, it's really simple finding your way around. Gibraltar is quite a small peninsula and most things can be found by looking at Google Maps for a minute. The road signs are also there, of course.

 Day 2 - "One of the best days of my life!"

This was the big day, the most important day of the adventure where I'd be hiking up the rock, meeting the famous Barbary Macaques and learning the fundimental history of the British owned peninsula.

The day started with me choosing not to take the cable car up the rock. I'd highly recommend walking up the whole way. This way, you get to experience the Mediterearan Steps (which follow up the side of the rock) and take in the view of the Alboran/ Mediteranean Sea as you gain altitude. Fun fact; I'm actively working to conquer my fear of heights and this route certainly helped that (even if the thought of a monkey attacking me was on my mind). The steps have the opportunbity to be dangerous, if you're not careful, but as long as you wear shoes with good grip and stay away from the edge you'll be fine.

That's Africa Over There!

Oddly, didn't see any snakes!

Atlas Mountains

Spur Battery

30-60 minute hike

Inside the highest cannon thing

Hiking Up The Mediteranean Steps!