Environment Design

Although I do not venture into the realm of environment design often, when I do get the time to create something in Unreal Engine 4, I will spend hours crafting something special. I like to remake areas from video games I adore.

I went to a college for Game Design and passed with high grades, but due to my location there are a not of job opportunities in this field. For now, this is just something for fun. 


First of all, Team Fortress 2 is one of the greatest games of all time. Fight me.

Second, 2Fort is my favourite multiplayer map from any game. According to my stats, I've spent over 2000 hours on this map. What a cool guy I am. I've remade this map in Lego Worlds, Minecraft, The Sims 3 and Little Big Planet, so I thought to make it professionally in Unreal Engine 4. 

I haven't added a lot of models into this map as of yet. 

Made by Kieran Smith - @the_Kiwi_Fruit / www.ink-kiwi.com

Nacht Der Untoten

Bell Tower

Horizon Lunar Colony

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