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Well, well, well... Here we are; "enchanting" England. Having being born here, and living most of my life here, I can safely say I have mixed feeling about the place. In some areas (often away from other humans) there can be really beautiful vistas, brilliant attractions and even a number of Greggs to spend a few pounds at.


*Sigh* England can be either awesome or just utter shit depending on the people you come across. Chavs are almost everywhere for one, but then there's also many really lovely people to meet. It's a mixed bag, but that sometimes adds to the "charm" the country has adopted. We Brits find humour in depressing matters, and that's often what it means to be British. So although there's a solid chance to get stabbed in Manchester (for instance), at least you'll have had a great day buying tat at Poundland.