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As a Brit, I am legally obliged to dislike the French and call them cheese eating frogs. However, upon visiting the place, I can safely say I never really came across a real French person, since everyone I met was a tourist. I visited Paris when airlines were really trying to push the full reopening of airports post pandemic. Literally, I only got to speak to like 4 French people there (if I don't count the scamming nuns who attacked me). More on that below!

I can only write about Paris for now, but as a whole, it was a fun, lively and charming place not too different from London itself, yet with additional quirks. I prefer Paris to London, simply for it's personality. Don't get me wrong, it only has more charm in comparison to London, whereas I've been to many other cities with far more personality than what Paris offers. It's great to walk around and get lost in Paris, but can only offer so much. I had the luck of visiting during excellent weather, but I imagine if I arrived during another season, it'd be a less thrilling time there. Who knows though. This is just my opinion.