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Rick & Morty Inspired

I CAN DRAW YOU based on the Rick And Morty art style!! 

Any fan of the hit animated show needs their own custom artwork of them jumping through the iconic green portal! 

Decide who holds the portal gun and what weapons you'd like (if any)!

Pets get given jetpacks, and I surprise you with a possible alien that may be chasing you through the portal!

I Also Draw Pets!


That's right, this service isn't exclusive to humans, as I can draw any of your pets as well!

Dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots, goldfish, snakes, any pets!

(Any pet is priced the same as a person if alone on a page. 
Medium to large animals are priced the same as a person if also sharing a page.
Smaller pets who can sit on your shoulder within the portrait come at no extra cost)


Great For The Family!


Up to 6 characters can fit onto a single page!

Get the whole family on a single print page! 

Perfect for hanging up in the living room or creating memories!

Standard or Deluxe?

I offer you a choice regarding the presentation of your portrait.
Below, I will explain the differences between Standard and Deluxe versions.



Warren_Kernohan (1).jpg
  • Blank background

  • Less chance I'll include a bonus alien (which depends on the drawn pose and if there is a cosplay theme)

  • Unique background which can be designed on requested theme or could be a surprise theme!

  • More chance I'll draw an alien chasing you (which depends on the drawn pose and if there is a cosplay theme)

How It  Works

  1. Click the box link below to fill out a quick form.

  2. Answer all the questions, add any good quality images to the form and tick the agreement at the end. Then you've done the first step! Woo!

  3. Afterwards, I'll be in contact (via email) with you shortly to discuss portrait details and quote a price.


  • When providing a reference image, please make sure it is of the full body and the quality is good. Whatever you/ they are wearing, I will draw them as seen, unless requested otherwise and with further reference images if needed. 

  • Deluxe backgrounds will likely be tilt shift blurred to provide focus on the foreground character(s) drawn and prevent obvious clutter. This is also a personal artistic touch I like. 

  • Your chances of having an alien added (for free) are based on the pose I've drawn you in, if there's a noticable theme, and/ or if I like you or not :D. Alien species is random as this is a free bonus and adds an element of surprise.

  • Please feel free to send images from the internet if they help me understand aspects like clothing, jewellery or colours.

  • Pets with darker fur colour will be lightened and shaded differently to make their details visible. This also prevents ink bleeding and accidental smudging when printed.

  • To view the refund policy, please read the last part of the form.

More Styles:

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