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Vinyl Figures

I CAN DRAW YOU as a unique Vinyl Figure! 

Based on the famous Funko Pop designs, you can become your very own custom figure! Perfect for birthdays, Christmas or even just as a gift for yourself!

You don't have to be in normal clothing. I can draw you in a onesie, wearing a superhero costume or I can draw half of your Vinyl Figure as yourself and the other half as your cosplay! See examples above.

A recent trend regards people ordering the art from me to then transform it into an actual 3D figure they can hold in their hands! Consider this a first step into owning your own figure, then look around for someone online who will 3D print your very own figurine! 

I Also Draw Pets!

That's right, this service isn't exclusive to humans, as I can draw any of your pets as well!

Dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots, goldfish, snakes, any pets!

(Any pet is priced the same as a person if alone on a page. 
Medium to large animals are priced the same as a person if also sharing a page.
Smaller pets who can sit on your shoulder within the portrait come at no extra cost)


Carla_Moreno_Chorro (1).jpg

Great For The Family!

Brad_Green_Collection (1).jpg

Up to 3 adults, plus 2 children/ or 3 pets can fit onto a single page with adjustments to the head sizes!

Get the whole family on a single print page! 

Perfect for hanging up in the living room or creating memories!



Many customers like to buy these for weddings! 

I don't know anything about weddings, but if oyu have a wedding coming up, I'm your guy apparently! :D

Go Crazy!

Are you a massive fan of Game Of Thrones and love dragons? Perhaps you have always wanted to ride Appa from The Last Airbender? Anyway, yes, I can definitely draw you with an iconic creature. I always appreciate a challenge, so feel free to challenge me!


How It  Works

  1. Click the box link below to fill out a quick form.

  2. Answer all the questions, add any good quality images to the form and tick the agreement at the end. Then you've done the first step! Woo!

  3. Afterwards, I'll be in contact (via email) with you shortly to discuss portrait details and quote a price.


  • When providing a reference image, please make sure it is good quality and shows the full body.

  • Pets with darker fur will be lightened up and shaded differently to help make all details visible and avoid any ink bleeding or smudging during the printing process.
  • You may request to be posed as you are in the reference photo, but I may alter it to fit the page or help make the pose look like a Vinyl Figure would pose.
  • I will always try to make your artwork look like the Funko Pop design, but I will not copy the style exactly. Noses are removed and if you'd like me to draw an existing character with an already existing model, I will try to add a unique design and pose to make your artwork stand out.
  • Multiple characters on the same page will require me to alter head sizes and hair styles to help fit everyone on the same page. 
  • To see the refund policy, please view the final part of the form.

More Styles:

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