Central Park

All Photos Taken By Me

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 A really, really, really, really, really, really big park - "It's really, really, really, really, really, really, really big, kinda"

Ah yes, the famous Birkenhead Pa- *COUGH* I mean, Central Park. Yes... urm, yes. Central Park was apparently built to counter the frequent growth of the city, since the amount of concrete was taking over the nature of the area. It was crafted in response to the public favouring a larger park as opposed to various smaller parks scattered about New York City. However, there's still random (small) parks scattered about the city anyway. Although, these small parks are less than 1% of the size of Central Park, which is just bloody huge.

On the day we visited the huge park, the weather started off cloudy, emitting a small amount of fog on the ground, while the skyscrapers were surrounded by clouds. It made for a very ominous atmosphere, almost like a video game's draw distance was lowered to provide focus on the nature of the park itself. It was very welcome, since I'm into photography, so there were plenty of opportunities for some 'classy' pictures to shoot.

Not to mention, I highly recommend visiting 'Oak Bridge', toward the west of the park, for some great shots of the city reflecting in the water of the (mostly) still lake. Reflections are awesome. Also, the bridge itself was really quiet when I was there, which helped me concentrate on the photos I wanted to take.

I took hundreds of photos here, so I'll only include the best, otherwise this page will simply not run on any device properly, ha ha LOL ROFLCOPTER.

Anyway, yeah, bare in mind I was using my phone (as usual) for my photos. I mean, the Samsung S10 5G offers a really good camera, but at times it's quality doesn't always shine as I like it to. You'll see the blur underperform in some shots. Witht he aid of Photoshop & Lightbox, I've tried to clean up a bunch, but they aren't perfect.

As I travel, I think I build my skills further.

 Walking around  - "There's so much to see!"

SInce we visited in the morning, on a weekday, the park was fairly quiet. Thankfully, the lack of human presence is just what I like, so I wasn't distracted when taking in the landscape. 

It's also important to note; we started the park from a west entrance, so the first thing we saw was the Strawberry Fields Memorial, dedicated to the late John Lennon. It's crazy. I'm a liverpool man (kinda), and it's weird to see the Beatles follow me to a lot of places I visit. I mean, yeah it's New York (city known for celebrities), but it's crazy knowing that one of the most influencial artists of our time met his end in that city, but (more or less) begun in my county.

Anyway, the Strawberry Fields Memorial was very sweet to see, but I was sad to not see anyone else paying attention to it, for the few people who did walk by. I heard there was always someone playing music nearby. Imagine, to be exact. That would have provided a sombre tone, yet welcoming. However, I'm still very grateful to find the memorial, and chose to not take photos out of respect.

In addition, the Delacorte Theatre was a suprise sight, as I didn't expect to come across a 'SHakespeare inspired' theatre, with the Shakespeare Gardens nearby too. Would have been amazing to see a play here. Not to emntion, the Belvedere Castle (just behind) was also a pleasant surprise. It's great we were able to walk around the small castle, as it offered more great views of the park (and city looming in the background). Honestly, it's easy to forget you're in one of the largest cities in the world when you're in the middle of this park. It's so impressive!

As the afternoon was approaching, the amount of joggers, cyclists and tourists increased, making for a more lively atmosphere all around.

One thing I have to say is; there's a lot of fricken cool statues scattered all over the park. Look to the left and tell me that ain't cool! 

I should also probably say, this article does not go in any order. There's so much to the park, that it's best to just talk about it as a whole. Normally, I'd talk about each part in an order I'd find makes the most sense, but sod that, let's just treat the whole thing as one artistic expression of New York City.

Surprisingly, I came across a live wedding! What a pleasant surprise that was, and it was quite heartwarming to see both the bride and groom creating a memory together. After all, it was a great day to do it, and Bethesda Terrace offered a quiant atmosphere with the option for anyone to join in on the ceremony. It looked like they didn't want too many family members and friends around.

 The Wildlife -
"The park has it's own ecosystem of sorts"

One thing I completely forgot about, when researching the park beforehand, was expecting any wildlife around the park. Almost immediately, once entering the park, we were greeted by Squirrel, Starlings, Northern Cardinals, and more. If I had more time, and a better camera, I'd happily spend an entire day walking around the park simply taking bird pictures, but alas, the rest of the day provided a ferry to Liberty/ Ellis Island, a tour around the Financial District and much more.

You wouldn't think this is part of the heart of New York City when viewing these photos. Like, apparently there's also types of turtles, woodpeckers and raccoons which I was unable to spot. To walk around at night would have also been amazing, as apparently there's red bats flying about. Creepy, but awesome!

Gotta be honest though, my phone can only do so much when it comes to wildlife photography. It's the best at taking photos of squirrels, but birds will always provide a challenge. I've tried my best to reduce all noise and maintain detail.

In a lot of later articles, I'll be using a variation of different cameras to achieve the best photos.

 What's left? -"Wait, there's more?"

Well, what if I told you we only walked around less than a third of the entire park? Looking at the map, that is a (kinda) accurate route we took, so you can see we missed a lot of the park, sadly. There just wasn't enough time to do so. Next time I visit, I'll aim to spend an entire day there. I mean, that's the best way to appreciate the entirety of the park. They may as well build hotels in the damn park!

Of the locations we visited, the highlights of the park have to be:

  • Alice In Wonderland statue

  • Bethesda Terrace

  • Walking around the lakes

  • The Great Lawn

  • Central Park Zoo (We didn't walk around it, but it looked cool when walking through it)

 What do I think of the park?  - "It's honestly really awesome!"


Oh! I forgot to say; another reason I really wanted to visit Central Park was to see the famous Home Alone 2 bridge! Sadly, I walked right past it, like the idiot I am, because I was unaware of the fact the bridge was filmed over a frozen pond, whereas I decided to take a picture of a random "land based bridge" screaming (in joy) about it being the Home Alone 2 bridge, when it wasn't... Next time I'll take a pic of the real bridge!

Central Park is an absolute delight, and that's just from me walking around a small part of it. That walk alone took about 2 hours, but a lot of it was for taking photos. There's a lot of history to appreciate here, and I'd love to write about it all, but it's honestly easier to look into everything in your own time. There's just a lot of interesting stuff to look into about this park. 

Visiting in February, a less popular time for ourists, is key to enjoying the park at your own leisure, since the most disruptive thing we encountered was a collection of dog walkers who invaded an entire pathway. Dog walkers are very common. When it's less busy, the park is great (and everyone was friendly, but also very jolly). 

I'd definitely recommend taking the time to walk around a bit of this park (at least). I imagine it'd be a different experience in the summer, with a more lively ambience and busier experience. The wildlife would also flourish. Honestly though, I'm so glad to say I've had the chance to walk around a small portion of the park, as it's a really unique experience (unlike any other parks). I'd love to say more about it, but it'd just be me rambling on about how nice it is, when you already know I think it's nice!