What is Ink Kiwi?

Ink Kiwi is the name for our small team of people. Currently, it mainly features 4 friends; Kieran, Keiran, Will and Cameron. The website and Instagram page(s) aim to showcase artwork from within the team and use photography to make everything look nice and snazzy. We also feature at various events within the UK. We started in early 2018, and have quickly rose to some success within the year. 

Who is on the team?

  • Kieran (Kiwi) | Owner/ Website & Social Media Manager/ Horror Artist/ Jelly Bean Artist

  • Keiran (Arty) | Team Leader/ Sales Manager/ Team Furry

  • Cameron       | Sales Assistant/ Photographer

  • Will                | Transportation Manager/ Comedic Value Team Member 

What is your aim?

We love to set up tables at various events and would like to continue working at events for a long time. We aim to keep making each event attendance a success so we can keep doing our work online and publicly. Kieran likes to draw clients at these events, and since this is a very popular feature Ink Kiwi offers, it would be amazing to continue this exciting adventure into creating a small business based on art and creativity. Not to mention, we hope to grow the website and grow in popularity online to maybe expand the team and then open an online shop for multiple artists and photographers within the team.

Why is progress slow? (Edited 11/11/2018)

We all have our own jobs alongside this collaborative business of our own. Kieran (Kiwi) does most of the work for now and uses whatever spare time is available to post content online and prepare each table for the next event. Keiran (Arty) is always a mystery. He is absent from social media and most online activities, so you'll only ever know him at events were he helps out a lot and likes to get to know our clients face to face. He means to practice his art skills and will hopefully have a collection to showcase in the future. Cameron isn't strictly a full member of the team, but offers assistance in photography and sales when requested. He has his own online presence and hopes to grow his talents by working on his podcasts and professional photography he shares online. Will... Will likes to drive and will always be there to drive us around the country and offer a joke or two. Basically, Kiwi is the main contributor to the online content, but together we hope to add our own projects over time. 

What are your achievements so far? (Edited 11/11/2018)

  • Our first event was small and bare bones. It featured a very small amount of content, but the freehand Zombie Portraits stood out and created a lot of work for us. Because of this major success, this feature is now a major attraction at any event we are at.

  • We have come across a Beano artist a few times and beaten him in popularity at some large and medium sized events.

  • The Jelly Bean collection has inspired children from Llandudno, Blackpool and Liverpool to draw their own Jelly Beans. One artist likes to post her content on Instagram! Her work will be featured on here some day!

  • Our first year was a great success financially and added a fair amount of new followers to our personal accounts.

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