My name is Kieran Smith, an artist from Merseyside, UK. You may find me around particular events around the country, or more locally around the Merseyside area. 

What do I do?

There's a few answers to that. Firstly, I illustrate people as stylized characters, whether that be; zombies, Vinyl Figures or Jelly Beans! As my small business grows, I aim to expand on these character designs to offer more choice at my stands. Alternatively, I have a large catalog of Jelly Bean doodles based on popular characters and people, which get the younger fans of my work laughing at their cute, yet silly designs. On this site, I aim to showcase all my work from different fields, so expect more than just artwork to come in the future!

Where can you find me?

The events I visit are typically local to Merseyside but sometimes I break that barrier if I am able to. You are most likely to find me at Liverpool Comic Con, For The Love Of Horror, Chester Comic Con and For The Love Of Sci-Fi.