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Kieran here.

Welcome to my website! Here you'll find a variety of interesting pages based on my art business, my travel blog, my work within Unreal Engine and much more. Don't expect a lot of professional content, for I am quite weird with my approach to certain things. Sometimes I'll write honestly, other times I'll be goofy and go off track. You'll pick it up as you go along.

What is this website about?

Okay, to begin with, this website was created to act as a journal (of sorts) and to also advertise my business services for those interested after meeting me at an event. The journal aspect is to primarily document key achievements in my life, which could be related to; travel, photography, art, 3D environment deisgn or whatever creative talent I'd like to show off (that's worth writing about). An additional talent of mine would be playing Bass Guitar, but I don't find much to write about, since I see it as a way to to mellow out after a long day.

Who am I?

Well, basically, I'm a weirdo... But a good weirdo. I think? What do I even write?

Technically, the easiest way to put it is; I'm awesome.

Okay, that's all you need to know. G'bye!

Nah, realistically speaking, I'm an; introvert, a geek and huge fan of (the hit film) Machete. Honestly, I came across that film accidentally, and it has shaped what it meant to be a man to me. The utter, confusing nonsense that film offers is glorious, and I genuinely think I watched that film at the perfect time to shape my broken humour to what it is today. 

The film starts and I immediately knew what I was going into, but alas, I was not yet christened by Danny Trejo's blood soaked jug of... blood. Therefore, I immediately though the film was a waste of a purchase, since the quality was debatably shit, despite being bought as a Blu-ray. However, once I witnessed that 360 machete spin, I fell in love. Machete is the name of our main character, played by Danny Trejo, who is legitimately awesome and perfectly cast as Machete, the blood-thirsty Mexican looking for pure justice. There's even a Donald Trump like bad guy, played by the wrinkly Robert De Niro. He's fun.

Anyway, a crap load of stuff happens in the middle (which involves recruiting the locals to help fight a war against Texas itself). Lindsay Lohan has strange naked-booby scenes with her mum (followed by a redeeming arc of her helping the final fight on the border by becoming a nun and disarming the entire texan army with only an SMG), Steven Seagal dons his comically tiny shades (while participating in an epic 'duel of the fates' katana fight versus Trejo), while Trejo himself casually attaches a minigun to his low rider bike and obliterates Texas. Truly magical stuff, I swear. Just.. just look for yourself.

This film is a solid 11/10, and I can definitely say this film will never get boring to me. The sequel is 100x more bizarre, but it doesn't have the grounded bizarreness the original has. Although, I can still appreciate the sheer bombastic nature of the sequel. My favourite scene of the original definitely has to be-

Oh yeah, I kinda got distracted. Anyway, yeah. Kinda sums up who I am :).

If you find the easter egg, let me know. K, bye.

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