All Photos Taken By Me

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 The "Grey City"

Admittedly, I was unaware of the cosmetic reputation Aberdeen had before/ when I visited. It was only when I returned I learned of it's rumoured reputation, beacuse upon reflection; I can safely agree the city is rather grey. However, I only really experienced around 47 minutes of mild sightseeing while visiting. So... Welcome to my brief review of 47 minutes (est) in one of the most northern cities within Scotland.

Most of these... No, all of these photos were taken on the top deck of a double decker bus when I was returning from a day out to Crathie (to see Prince Albert's Cairn/ The Great Pyramid of Scotland). Apologies for a lack in photo quality.

I honestly can't say too much about Aberdeen. When I first arrived there (via train from Dundee) I only had food on my mind, plus I also needed to check in to my hotel, since it was getting late. Aberdeen was one of the last destinations to visit on my week long Scottish adventure, so I didn't need to stock up much on food, thankfully. After buying a great deal on protein bars, mini cereal boxes and fruit, I made my way to the hotel, only to find out I didn't book a room at a hotel at all. I wound up booking a guest house! Upon arrival, I panicked... I'm an introvert, I don't do shared accomodations.

The Guest House

I've never booked a guest house before, but I think I'll happily book them more in the future, since this particular abode was absolutely perfect. I'd even say it was stellar.

5 star treatment, my own privacy and no need to check out. I loved it. Super cheap and perfect location. I won't mention the name of the place, but the owner was lovely, even if he may have struggled to understand me. I think he was Romanian? I guess I also sound more Scouse than I think when I'm out and about. Honestly though, I understood him more than any Scottish person the more northern I got. He was lovely.

Sadly, I was only there for the night, since I had to wake up really early to get a very specific bus to Crathie, in order to find that damn pyramid. Now... I love luxory. If finding the pyramid wasn't my number one objective (and reason) for setting up this awesome adventure around the country, I'd have happily stayed in to just enjoy the 5 star treatment. But alas, I had to be a strong individual and venture to the middle of nowhere for me blessed pyramid.




Yes, it's a real thing.

Okay, we've arrived at the part where I answer the solemn question of; "what do you wish you were able to do there?"

To answer that humble question, I'd have to admit I wasn't too bothered about walking around Aberdeen at first, so I didn't plan anything there. On the other hand, now that I've visited briefly, I think I regret not spending time there. I'd have loved to have seen the different grey tones on offer... Okay, being serious though, I'd have liked to take pictures of a lot of streets, since I saw a few with titled arches hanging over their entrances, which I find to be rather quirky and attractive. Makes a change compared to the boring, simplistic street signs I see elsewhere. Also, to walk around the coast would have been cool, as there's a lighthouse I'd have liked to visit there. Ultimately though, I imagine a lot of Aberdeen is focussed on offering high street experiences and is indifferent to Glasgow, for instance. But, that is for me to judge when I next visit, maybe.