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Showmaster's London Comic-Con
4th - 5th March

MegaCon Live Birmingham
25th - 26th March

Monopoly Events: Liverpool Comic-Con
1st - 2nd April

Blackpool Comic-Con World
15th - 16th April

Monopoly Events: Comic-Con North East (Newcastle)
27th - 28th May

Showmaster's London Film & Comic-Con
7th - 9th July

Monopoly Events: Manchester Comic-Con
29th - 30th July


Blackpool Horror-Con
14th October

Monopoly Events: Liverpool Comic-Con
21st - 22nd October

Monopoly Events: For The Love Of Horror 
11th - 12th November

Autism Together Comic-Con

27th August



Megacon London
13th - 14th January

Showmaster's London Comic-Con Spring
2nd - 3rd March

Monopoly Events Newcastle Comic-Con
13th - 14th April

Monopoly Events Newcastle Comic-Con
5th - 7th July

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