Wirral Comic-Con
1st - 2nd May 

Comic-Con World Blackpool
7th - 8th May

Liverpool Comic-Con May
21st - 22nd May

Chester Comic-Con
19th June

Manchester Comic-Con
30th - 31st July

For The Love Of Horror
(not confirmed)

22nd - 23rd October 

Liverpool Comic-Con November
19th - 20th November


"FEAR THE PORTRAIT DEAD" is my art driven side of my life; providing custom portraits of people who visit my table, during an event.

The portraits on offer are advertised to show off my skills of being a freehand artist, working to speedy deadlines whilst providing high quality artwork to those who'd like to do business with me.

Each event provides a huge challenge. I have to make everyone recognisable, but also utterly disgusting at the same time, when it comes to the horror themed portraits. My job is to essentially destroy all of your beautiful faces... and I love it.

My table is often really busy at larger events, like Liverpool Comic-Con or For The Love Of Horror. It's often best visiting my table before 12pm at most events to avoid waiting in large queues. 

I am also open to commissions most days of the year. Details on that will be below.


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Commissions Open 1st May

*Accepting bank transfers only at this moment

Become a gruesome member of the dead with my top selling service, beloved at every event I'm at. 

Digital portraits offer more detail and have clean lines. Traditional portraits have energetic brush strokes and have a personal flair to them.

(+£10 per person is now void. Base price per person instead. Poster update coming soon)


A4 Banner Head on Pike.jpg

Similar to the Zombie Portraits, but only your head! 

Traditional version only, but full of creepy detail and added wind effect to any long hair or hanging meat.


Custom Vinyl Figure 
See what you'd look like as a totally non copyright vinyl figure and show it off with your friends! 

Choose your pose and choice of clothes.

Digital version is more vibrant and professional looking, with added detail. Traditional version is simplified, but has a personal charm to it.


A4 Banner Coraline Doll.jpg

Coraline Doll Portrait
Based on the famous Halloween film for people of all ages, but personalised to look like you!

Traditional version only, which looks rather creepy, if I'm honest. A big hit at my events.


Adventure Time Design
Become the 'last human', one of Jake's relatives or your own Princess/ Prince!

My newest service which will hopefully make for some laughs! 

Price actually £15.
(Had to increase price due to time it takes to complete/ cost of inks)


A4 Banner Adventure Time Style.jpg